Financing  –  Work to determine your financing source, construction loans are available and can include the cost of the land as well as the home and onsite work. This step helps establish the project parameters.

 Site Selection  –  Identification of the target property for your dream project.  We then launch a feasibility study to determine the true cost of the offsite cost as well as the permits and fees.

 Planning Details & Foundation Prep  –  You can view a few different modular home styles in our gallery.  Once you have finalized your home plans with 5 Star Homes, they will complete the plans necessary for the building permits.  After permits are obtained, 5 Star Homes subcontractors will begin prepping the foundation of your lot, unless this has already been done. During the foundation prep, your home is put into production with the manufacturer.

 Transport of Modules & Home Set  –  The modules that make up your new home are carefully delivered to your site in preparation of the actual set of the home. 5 Star Homes set crew carefully lifts each module into place and secures it to the foundation. At the end of the day your home is set, secured and weather tight on the foundation ready for completion by 5 Star Homes.

 Exterior & Interior Finishing  –  Now that your home is set, 5 Star Homes can get started on the completion process. Electrical, plumbing and heating connections are completed. Exterior siding is completed along with porches, decks, patios, walkways and garages. Some minor interior carpentry and drywall button up is completed prior to the installation of floor coverings and kitchen appliances. Outside, 5 Star Homes is completing sewer and water connections along with final grade and seeding the lawn.

 Occupancy  –  Now that your home is completed it is ready for a final inspection of the local building department who will ensure the home was completed to all the State and local Building Codes and Practices.  Once the inspections are completed a Certificate of Occupancy is issued and you are now able to move into your new prefab home

The Difference Between a HUD Manufactured Home and a Modular Home

HUD Manufactured Home

Modular Home

Before making a final decision on which type home you’d like to purchase, you may want to know the difference between Manufactured Housing (HUD) and Modular Housing.


Manufactured Homes are single-family dwellings manufactured in a factory to preemptive federal construction standards.  Available designs range from low priced single section homes known as “singlewides” to upscale homes manufactured in several sections, and even multi-story homes.


Modular Homes are residences constructed entirely in factories and transported to their sites on flatbed trucks. Modular Homes are built under controlled conditions and must meet strict quality-control requirements before their delivery to a home site.


Manufactured and modular homes look like any other conventionally built home in appearance. Both are built to codes, which ensure a safe and sound investment. Here’s what you can expect from your manufactured or modular home purchase:

Video of home being delivered in Shadow Hills.

Call today and find out how you can increase your property value by adding a new home in your backyard.